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Safety and Dosing

Children's medicines are formulated to deliver the right amount of medicine to your little one. No matter the medicine or brand, always read and follow the label on the bottle before giving a dosage.

Only the dosing device provided with the product should be used to measure the proper amount of medicine.

Do not use more than one product containing acetaminophen at the same time. Ask your healthcare professional about dosages for children under 2 years of age.

For more information on administering children's medication, see our guide below or ask your pediatrician.

If possible, use weight to dose, otherwise use age. 




N/A < 24 (lbs) < 2 years Consult your doctor
24-36 (lbs) 2-3 years

5 ml

36-47 (lbs) 4-5 years

 7.5 ml

48-59 (lbs) 6-8 years

10 ml

60-71 (lbs) 9-10 years

12.5 ml

72-95 (lbs) 11+ years

15 ml

Do not exceed more than five doses in 24 hours.


Storage Safety

Kids are curious, and storing medications in your home can be a challenge. Protect your little explorer from the dangers of finding and ingesting medicine by safely and properly storing, dosing, and disposing of medicine.

We are committed to increasing the safe use of medicines around children, and are proud to team up with Safe Kids Worldwide. For more information, visit


How does Ellywell work?

Ellywell Children's Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer contains the active ingredient acetaminophen. It works by elevating the body's overall pain threshold, so you feel less pain, and lowers your fever by helping your body eliminate excess heat.


What is the definition of a fever?

A fever is the body’s response to a disease characterized by a rise in body temperature. A rectal temperature at or above 100.4⁰F, an oral temperature at or above 99.4⁰F, or an axillary temperature at or above 99⁰F is usually considered the threshold for a fever.