Trusted by Moms, Gentle on Little Tummies


Meet our founder, Dina

Dina Pavilonis, M.D. is board certified physician in Family and Integrative Medicine but holds another full-time job as a mother of two. When one of her kids had a high fever one day, she could not find an OTC medicine that was not filled with sugar or a laundry list of scary additives.

Ellywell exists to help moms give their kids a safer, healthier alternative to traditional Acetaminophen (aka “Tylenol”). Naturally flavored, safe & sugar-free (sweetened with Stevia extract), Ellywell is a fever and pain reducer designed with the best parents in mind.

Sweetened with Stevia

Sugar can feed the bad kind of bacteria, weaken the immune system and make your kids restless when they need the most rest. So naturally, we did without it.

Natural Orange Flavor

That yummy orange flavor your kiddos are tasting is natural and free of other yucky stuff.

Physician Formulated

Created by a certified doctor and mom, Ellywell is there for you on your little one’s sick days.

Made in the U.S.

Our special solution is formulated with ingredients exclusively made in the U.S.

Made by a doctor, approved by parents, loved by kiddos.